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Working Towards Beta

Arcane Mapper is about a week away from its first Limited Beta release (testers have already been selected). In preparation this small map was prepared, that will be included with the Beta, that shows some of the features of the tool.

The obvious thing that stands out is the lighting. Smooth falloff and shadows are generated automatically by the tool and ambient occlusion from walls and objects helps ground the objects and highlight their shapes.

Next are the different room shapes, some are simple and some more intricate and interesting. Curved and irregular walls are coming – but in the meantime even the basic straight walls can produce interesting rooms.

Raised areas, such as in the throne room and pits are on display, notice the slight blue fog in the smaller pit and the deep black fog in the bottom room.

And finally a feature I haven’t shown yet but that has been present for quite some time, the ability to change the wall height per room – you will notice the tall walls in the top left room and the very short walls in the room below that. No matter what height you choose, you still get full lighting, shadows and Ambient Occlusion with your walls.

Many other features and bug fixes have occurred since the last update – click and drag to scroll the map view around in a precise manner, many UI fixes, PDF export support – including automatically breaking up the map to fit the selected page size (sizes include Letter, Legal, A3, A4, A5, B4, etc.) and margins and a lot of other polish in preparation for the Beta and ultimately release.

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