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Searching for the perfect prop or light to add to your map can become quite tedious as your Library grows. Maybe you have sci-fi assets, fantasy assets and even modern day props for different maps. To make searching through all of these objects easier, Arcane Mapper will support a Tag system. A simple text file contains all of the tags you want to use with names, alternate strings, parents and a description. While the UI will allow you to add new tags easily, the simple text file allows these to be added outside of the editor, making sharing the perfect set of tags that much easier.

Any object may have many tags associated with it. For example a cabinet may be furniture and a container. It can even be SciFi (maybe its metallic) or Fantasy. Then the user can select which tags are visible and edit which tags are assigned to each object. In addition, the key words listed in with each tag allow the tool to automatically assign default tags to each object in your Library based on the original file name. For example TreasureChest.png might get assigned the Treasure, Chest and Furniture tags, where Furniture is the broader category that Chest belongs to.

The window containing the tags can grow to some extent, beyond which a scrollbar will be required. However I plan on adding features to make searching for tags easier, such as being able to type in part of the tag name(s).

The initial version of this system should be available to Beta Testers in the next Build.


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