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Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop is now officially supported by Arcane Mapper – if you are a Beta Tester, you should be able to go to the Community Hub on Steam and see the Steam Workshop page. Currently I have uploaded a test package that includes the new floors, walls and torches that will be included with Arcane Mapper, which you can see if you select Browse > Items. Obviously, for release, this won’t be necessary so I will replace it with some example maps before release.

Currently I am working on the user interface, which should be done this week, for uploading and installing Workshop items. I am adding a description text area and thumbnail to the package UI and adding a simple interface for uploading your packages to Steam. You will be able to add release notes and update or create new Workshop items.

Of course, if you prefer, you can also distribute the package files yourself – if you want to give maps or assets to friends without having to go through Steam. Packages are also a handy way of backing up your Library or maps, or moving your custom work between installations of Arcane Mapper.

I am hopeful that these features, in addition to the built-in web search for free assets, will allow the community to share assets and build awesome looking maps for their RPG games.

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